Find the Best Pool Basketball Hoop

The best pool basketball hoop on the market today that will give you high performance for a reasonable price is the Cool Jam Pro Poolside Basketball hoop. What makes this pool basketball hoop so great is that it is extremely sturdy, durable, and comes at a reasonable price, unlike the First Team Hydroshot Pool Basketball Hoop, which is extremely expensive. Use the chart and article below to help you choose which pool basketball hoop is right for you.

Pool Basketball Hoop

Pool Basketball Hoop
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Super-Wide 44" Cool Jam Pro Pool Basketball HoopSuper-Wide 44" Cool Jam Pro Poolside BasketballReviewCheck Price
Lifetime 1306 Pool Side Height-Adjustable Portable Pool Basketball Hoop with 44-Inch Clear Acrylic BackboardLifetime 1306 Pool Side Height-Adjustable Portable Basketball System with 44-Inch Clear Acrylic BackboardReviewCheck Price
PoolSport Portable Pool Basketball HoopPoolSport Portable Pool Basketball HoopReviewCheck Price
PoolMaster NBA Logo Poolside Basketball HoopPoolMaster NBA Logo Poolside Basketball GameReviewCheck Price

When it comes to buying a pool basketball hoop, the Cool Jam Pro Poolside Basketball is at the top of the list because it is made to last. This poolside basketball hoop does not get affected by the pool water. Many other pool basketball goals do not last long because they are made of medal that corrodes over time due to rust. Just by looking at the picture, you can tell that it is not some poorly made piece of junk. One cool feature that you may not notice depending on the angle of the picture is that the edges of the backboard are pointed inwards. This is a cool feature that any poolside basketball hoop should have because the angle helps keep the ball from going out of the pool.

Another great feature is that it provides the safety of an in ground poolside basketball hoop with the convenience of a portable pool basketball hoop. Why? Because it does not move once it is filled with water. This gives it the safety of an in ground pool basketball hoop because there is no risk of it tipping over onto you. It then has the convenience in that you can easily release the water from it to move it if you want.

Pool Basketball HoopIf you don’t believe my opinion that this is one of the best pool basketball hoops, then read other people’s opinion here. When the most common complaint is that the dumb sticker comes off, I think it is safe to say that people are just looking for something negative to say about it. Based on it’s performance and sales history, I am convinced that it is the best pool basketball hoop for it’s value. The Super-Wide 44″ Cool Jam Pro Poolside Basketball hoop really is a well made product that will last for years, not just one summer. It is probably better to invest a few extra bucks to buy a pool basketball goal that will last as opposed to one that is a little cheaper that probably won’t last as long.

An example of a nice looking pool basketball goal that may seem nice at first is the Lifetime 1306 Pool Side hoop. This swimming pool basketball goal has some nice features but it has one huge negative; it gets rusty very quickly. It may last you a summer or two, but once it reaches three years, many really start to deteriorate. You can make it last longer by buying some rust stoppers like this if you want. I would recommend just spending the few extra dollars to buy the Cool Jam Pro Poolside Basketball hoop instead so you don’t have to worry about rust.

Pool Basketball HoopSome other options include the Poolsport Portable Basketball Hoop. Hoop which is a cheaper alternative to the Cool Jam Pro Poolside Basketball hoop. What makes it cheaper is that it is much smaller and doesn’t have the angled flaps on the side that keep the ball in the pool. The smaller size and lack of side flaps leads to many balls going out of the pool which can be quite the annoyance. The last portable basketball hoop for a pool that I will discuss is the PoolMaster NBA Logo Poolside Basketball Game. My opinion on this one is to stay away from buying it. It has the features of the cheap swimming pool basketball hoops, but has a higher price because it is has an NBA logo. Here’s a hint, buy a hoop like the Cool Jam Pro Poolside Basketball hoop which actually is made well and worth its price, and buy some NBA decals to put on it. If you buy the NBA hoop, you’re basically paying an extra $175 dollars for a sticker because in reality the actual contraption should only be about $75.

Pool Basketball Hoop: in Ground

When it comes to in ground pool basketball hoops, the highest of quality are the First Team Hydroshot Select Swimming Pool Basketball Hoop with 60 Inch Acrylic Backboard, First Team Hydroshot II Swimming Pool Side Basketball Hoop with 48 Inch Acrylic Backboard, and the First Team HydroSport II Swimming Pool Side Basketball Hoop with 48 Inch Acrylic Backboard. These are professionally designed basketball hoops that are made for pool usage. If you want a water basketball hoop that you can dunk on and hang on, then these are the hoops for you. Yes, they are extremely expensive, but they are made with the best materials, so they will last for a long long time.

Cheaper Pool Basketball Hoop: In Ground

If the in ground water basketball hoops above are too expensive for you, then you can look into the S.R. Smith BASK Swim N Dunk Complete Basketball Game with In-Deck Anchors, 4-Box, or the Deck Shoot Pool Basketball Hoop Set.

Overall, I am not a huge fan of in ground swimming pool basketball hoops because of the obvious reason that you cannot move them. I only recommend them if you are looking to dunk. Otherwise, just look into one of the portable pool basketball hoops that I already mentioned above like the Cool Jam Pro Poolside Basketball hoop.

Pool Basketball Hoop: Above ground Pool

If you need an above ground pool basketball hoop then you can look into the Jamming Basketball Game For Above Ground Pools.

Honestly, the above ground pool basketball goal above really isn’t a very stable hoop. If you want to be able to play basketball from within your above ground pool, I would just recommend buying a small basketball hoop like the Lifetime Youth Portable Basketball System and lining it up outside your pool. A hoop like this will perform at a much higher level than the ones specifically designed for above grounds pools. If you don’t think that is a good idea, then maybe one of the floating basketball hoop alternatives below would be a good idea for an above ground pool.

Pool Basketball Hoop: Floating Alternatives

If you don’t think that an actual swimming pool basketball goal is for you, luckily there are some other similar alternatives. For example, you could consider the Swimline Giant Shootball Inflatable Pool Toy. This is a fun game for kids and it comes at a much cheaper price than an actual basketball hoop.

Another nice alternative is the Super Hoops Floating Basketball Game. As you can see from the picture, this is also a nice alternative to buying a full out basketball hoop.
The main problem with the Super Hoops Floating basketball game is that it doesn’t come with a backboard. A floating hoop that does come with a backboard is the Cool Jam Floating Basketball hoop.

Other Recommended Pool Sport:

Another pool sport game that I recommend is the Swim Time Aqua Golf Backyard Game. This is a game that anybody of all ages will enjoy. Some of the coolest holes in golf are on islands like the 17th hole at TPC Sawgrass. The element of water always makes things more interesting in golf.
Purchasing the Swim Time Aqua Golf Backyard game allows you to practice your golf game and stay refreshed by the water at the same time.

Pool Basketball Hoop: Conclusion

I think it’s safe to say that the best overall pool basketball hoop based on performance and value is the Cool Jam Pro Poolside Basketball. You even have the ability to get with free shipping here.