Best Poolside Basketball Hoop

The PoolMaster NBA Logo Poolside basketball is a decent poolside basketball hoop. It works well and will get the job done. However, I do not believe that this hoop provides you with good value. I believe that this hoop is simply too expensive for what it has to offer.

Why is it too expensive?

This poolside basketball hoop typically goes for two hundred to three hundred dollars. This hoop is not built well enough to spend that much money on. It is only priced so high because it has the NBA logos on them. The equivalent hoop without the NBA team logos on them would be much cheaper.

Best Poolside Basketball Hoop Alternatives

To save yourself a lot of money, I recommend buying another poolside basketball hoop that is cheaper and will provide you more value for your money. For example, I recommend looking into the Cool Jam Poolside basketball hoop. This hoop is not only cheaper, but it also performs much better than the PoolMaster NBA Logo hoop.

It is a much better hoop because the backboard is bigger which helps keep the ball from going out of the water. A large backboard is a feature that is extra important on a poolside basketball hoop because it can be an annoyance to get out of the pool every time the ball goes out. The larger backboard lowers the amount of times that ball will go out of the water. Not only is the backboard bigger on the Cool Jam hoop, but it also has angled edges. If you look closely at the picture, you can notice that the sides are facing inward. These angles are another feature that helps keep the ball in the water. This is a great added feature that many other poolside basketball hoops do not have.

If you are still hung up on having your hoop have your favorite NBA team logo on it, then just buy some stickers to add to it. Just search for your favorite teams stickers here. These should be no more than ten dollars. Buying stickers also allows you to be more creative with how you decorate the hoop.


I think it is safe to say that I am not a huge fan of the NBA Logo hoop. If you are going to spend a good amount of money on a poolside basketball hoop, then you might as well buy one that will last a long time and perform at a high level. The Cool Jam Hoop is great because it is designed to be able to handle rough action. The back can be easily filled with water which makes it very sturdy and hard to push over. The NBA logo hoop does not have as strong of a base which makes it much less stable. Do not fall for the trap and buy the cheaply made NBA logo hoop. You are spending an extra hundred or two hundred dollars on a sticker essentially! Believe it or not, lots of time the logo even falls off very shortly after buying it. Buy a higher quality hoop and add stickers of your choice to it. This will save you a lot of money. To save money you can also buy it here with the ability to get free shipping.