Cheap Pool Basketball Hoop Options

The Poolmaster NBA logo poolside basketball hoop is not a good option if you are looking for a cheap pool basketball hoop. Although, it looks much smaller than many of its pool basketball competitors, it still comes at a price that is generally higher than most.

If this looks like such a cheap pool basketball hoop, then why is it not priced accordingly? The answer is quite simple actually. This hoop is licensed to use NBA logos, so this lets them jack the price up on a subpar hoop. That means you are essentially paying a lot more money in order to be able to have a hoop with some NBA logos on them. This is not smart if you are looking to save some money. The company that makes the Poolmaster NBA logo hoop knows that they can charge a premium because of the royalty that the NBA name comes with. They know people will be dumb pay extra for a product that is not as good. Do not be another person that falls for it!

Cheap Pool Basketball Hoop Alternative Idea

Instead of buying this overpriced hoop, I would highly recommend looking into an equivalently price hoop that will perform much better. If you really want the hoop to have an NBA teams logos all over it, there are other options available instead of overpaying for something. Instead of paying the extra money just to have a hoop with some NBA logos, I would suggest buying some NBA stickers or decals which are very cheap. These can be displayed easily on any cheap pool basketball hoop that you do end up deciding to purchase. This is a much smarter option that will save you money!

If you are looking for a cheap pool basketball hoop, then you should be able to find a much better alternative on Amazon. It is also important to note that Amazon gives you the ability to get free shipping. Keep that in mind when comparing prices to other online sites that may not mention anything about shipping, until the very end, when you get the “oh yeah, by the way, shipping will be an extra $$”

Cheap Pool Basketball Hoop Option

For a much better cheap pool basketball hoop, I would consider looking into the Dunnrite PoolSport pool basketball hoop. You can tell just by looking at the pictures side by side with the NBA hoop, that the dunnrite is a much better looking hoop. This Dunnrite hoop sits a lot higher up above the water which increases the level of play of your basketball pool game.

If you are willing to spend a little more, than I highly recommend looking into the Cool Jam Pro pool basketball hoop. This is not the best option, if you are looking for something that is really cheap, but this hoop is a favorite of because it was made to last for years. This hoop also is a favorite of our site because it has flaps on the sides of the backboard which help keep the basketball in the water when games are going on. This is a great feature which helps prevent getting out of the pool frequently to retrieve the ball.

Cheap Pool Basketball Hoop Conclusion

The NBA Poolmaster is not a good option for you if you are looking for a cheap pool basketball hoop. The company that makes these hoops has to pay a fee to the NBA to be able to use the NBA logos. The company has to make up for this fee that they pay the NBA, by charging more for a subpar product. Do not fall for buying for a subpar product just because of a few extra decals. Instead, by a product that will perform better, and last longer. Of course, if you insist on having NBA logos on the hoop, then just buy some cheap NBA decals or stickers of your favorite team for whatever other hoop you decide to buy. For a much better price, you are better off purchasing a better performing hoop like the Dunnrite pool basketball hoop. This cheap pool basketball hoop is very plain, which gives you plenty of room to be creative with NBA logo stickers and decals.

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