Tall Basketball Pool Hoop

The Lifetime 1306 Pool Side Height Adjustable Portable Basketball System, 44 Inch Backboard is a great basketball pool hoop that is great for people of all ages. My favorite feature of this basketball pool hoop is that this hoop can be adjusted to be very tall for basketball pool hoop standards. It has the ability to adjust from 4.5 to 7 feet tall. Most of the other basketball pool hoops that you will see on the market are much shorter. The taller height on this hoop makes it feel like you are really playing a game of basketball. When you are playing on a shorter hoop in the pool, sometimes it feels like your shots are being thrown, more so than being shot. With this hoop, you have to put more of an arch on your shot, which makes it more challenging. Sometimes a challenge can be more fun depending on your preference.

Another great feature of this basketball pool hoop is that it is easy to move. The wheels on the base are a unique feature not too many other basketball pool hoops have. If you are playing a game like horse, this is especially important because moving it from time to time allows you to shoot from different angles and spots, which keeps things interesting.

The main downfall of this basketball pool hoop is that it does have a tendency to rust fairly quickly. However, anti-rust spray can be bought for a very cheap price which will alleviate much of this concern. In my opinion, buying anti rust spray such a Rustoleum is a must if you are going to buy this hoop. If this rust issue is not something that you want to deal with, then I highly recommend looking into the Cool Jam hoop. Rust is not an issue with the Cool Jam hoop, and the Cool Jam hoop is by far my favorite basketball pool hoop on the market because it was built to last, and because it has special flaps on the side of the backboard which is important for pool basketball (the flaps helps keep the ball from going out of the pool).

The rim has a very large diameter compared to some other basketball hoops. This is important to keep in mind, because with a smaller standard pool basketball, the rim may seem very large. This would make shooting a lot less challenging. The rim is so large, that a standard size basketball often is a better option. Make sure that you do not try to hang on this hoop if you dunk. This hoop is very sturdy, and can take a beating, but hanging on it will most likely lead to it falling in on top of you.

Basketball Pool Hoop Conclusion

If you want a basketball pool hoop that can be adjusted to a higher level than most of the other basketball pool hoops, then this is the one for you. The extra height that can be achieved with these hoops can create a more challenging, and realistic basketball feel. The wheels on the base of the hoop are another huge plus that also contribute to this hoop being one of the top sellers in the industry. The overall appearance of the hoop is very professional and sleek. The blue color makes it fit in perfectly into any pool environment.

The basketball pool hoop is made with a lot of metal, so you may have concerns with the shipping costs. Luckily, Amazon has the ability to give you free shipping even on something with this much weight.

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